Moving tip

We know how difficult and complicated it might seem to move. Here are 6 important questions to ask that can help when hiring a moving company:

When hiring a moving company there are some important questions to ask, so there are no unwanted surprises on the day of your move.

1- be sure to always give complete information when hiring. It is important so you can have an accurate quote and have no surprise charges at the end of the moving job. 

2- Always ask if there is any Hidden fees. Like Gas fees, Distance fees or Equipment or Materials fees.

3- Another good question for moving companies can be times of arrivals. Sometimes movers get to your home a little late than expected and that is understandable, but that can make your day more difficult if you have Loading Docks schedules for a certain time.

4- A very important question to ask when hiring moving companies is about Insurances. ask them what are the values that they can respond when something goes wrong with your move.

5- You should also ask what are the Materials and Tools that they include on the price.

6- You can also ask for the Cancellation Policies. how many days before the moving job can you cancel or make a reschedule.

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